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Sprind d.d

The quality you have recognized in our products is a result of many years of experience that we’ve been building together for generations. Our phyllo, cakes, frozen and bakery products are present in your homes for almost 40 years, and You take most credit for it. We at SPRIND wish you many more years to enjoy our products, and our task in the future will be complete commitment to the highest quality, you are accustomed to.

In 1952. Company founded with name “Ilidža Rosa”
In 1982. acquires name Sprind – Sarajevo Food Industry
1992. – 1995. Sprind d.d. was under occupation during which material damage was amounted to about 16.5 million KM
In 1996. Sprind rebuilds production capacities
Since 2014. Sprind d.d. became a part of AS GROUP and is currently one of the largest food industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Today, Sprind d.d., with an annual production of over 6,000 tons, is ranked among the largest food producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has state-of-the-art equipment for the production of all kinds of bread and pastries, semi-deep and deep-frozen dishes, phyllo, pasta, sandwiches and confectionery products.

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